The Deep Release

Sunday Sessions


July 23rd 2023
August 6th 2023

West London Location W12

-Parking Available – 

Join me on the journey of breath and experience a deep release of heavy energy/emotion.

Make space for more peace, happiness, love and joy in life whilst you surrender to the power of the breath. Don't miss this opportunity to connect with like-minded people and start/or continue your transformative journey of self-discovery.

explore the spiritual aspects of yourself

Be blown away by what can be achieved from breathing consciously and deeply. 

Meet your true-self by getting out of your head, and into your body.

Take your self off of autopilot and experience the present moment like never before.

This journey will help you build a stronger sense of self-awareness, understanding, and clarity that will serve you in every aspect of your daily life.



You’ll enjoy a guided meditation to calm the mind and connect with feel into your body, and connect to spirit.


This Breathwork Journey, will begin to release energy blockages that hinder your mental, physical, and emotional progress, and will unlock a path to renewed vitality and your unlimited potential.

Intention Circle

Sharing the previous weeks challenges and setting intentions for the week ahead is a powerful exercise that helps give us both direction, and motivation.

Beautiful Connections

Discover the magic of safe spaces, where sharing becomes a powerful and beautiful experience. Embrace the deep connection that arises when vulnerability is embraced, both in yourself and others, inviting a profound connection with spirit.

I am your host

Mason Dyson Roberts

Coach, Breathwork, Energy Healer, Speaker

After years of drug addiction, gang activity, and prison, I knew I needed to make a change. But even after turning my life around and becoming a professional athlete and entrepreneur, I often found myself feeling unhappy and disconnected from myself and any meaning.

My lowest point led me to begin my journey of self-discovery and personal growth, exploring various spiritual and personal development practices to help me reconnect with myself and find my true purpose.

My journey has taken me to some incredible places, both physically and mentally. I’ve traveled to different parts of the world to immerse myself in different cultures and spiritual practices, learning from gurus, spiritual leaders, and personal development experts. I’ve also spent countless hours reading books and attending workshops to deepen my knowledge and understanding of these practices.

Through my journey, I’ve gained a deeper understanding of myself, my purpose, and my place in the world. I’ve also discovered the power of helping others on their own journey of personal growth and transformation. I realised that my experiences and knowledge could be used to support others on their own journey, and that’s what inspired me to become a coach.

Early Bird Price £45

£65 on the night

Ticket cost includes:

Entrance to venue 


25% on Annual memberships to Union of Spirit Community (Value £420)

10% Discount on future 2023 offerings

A new and healthier life perspective 

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