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Join our network of brothers working towards personal and professional growth

An invite to all men wishing to expand their minds, their hearts, and their network by making true connections with other brothers willing to support one another on our journey of personal growth.

Peak mental, physical, spiritual, and financial health will be the foundation of this men's group. A space designed for the collaboration of ideas, the sharing of knowledge, encouragement and accountability. An ego-in-check community of men ready to connect with and show off their authentic selves without fear of judgement.

This is the group for men to be men whatever that means to the individual. Join the S.P.A.C.E mens group and express yourself unapologetically, openly, and confidently, while you achieve the goal of becoming your best self.

Final quick note:

In short, if you've followed my story you'll know that I'm a fella that spent many years being "all-in" on my masculinity. I thought any sign of vulnerability was a sign of weakness, which lead me to some really dark places.

I now know that my outlook on life and how a man "should be" belonged to a conditioned society and not me at all.

I'm on a mission to redefine masculinity, and build confidence in my brothers who have become disconnected and out of alignment with their true purpose. Join me!

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