The work

for those ready to explore the depths of their reality

There are four ways to work with me. All powerful, all tough, but transformational!


1:1 Coaching

Join me in this 1:1 journey where we uncover every facet of who you are. Together, we’ll navigate the terrain, shedding light on what no longer serves you and nurturing the aspects that propel you toward a thriving life.

This isn’t about sugar-coating what’s going on in your life—it’s real, honest, and challenging work. Openness is the key. Share half, get half. Let’s delve into your depths and unlock boundless possibilities. 

A journey of self-discovery isn’t always about knowing every twist and turn. Sometimes, there’s emotional pain we can’t quite pinpoint—a lingering sensation that something isn’t quite right. You know what I mean!

With an integrated coaching approach, we uncover these hidden sources of discomfort. In just a few sessions, combining coaching, breathwork, and somatic therapy, we locate and begin releasing the underlying trauma. These somatic practices offer a doorway to deeper consciousness, and free you from the monkey mind. 

These modalities work together in healing unseen wounds, and uniting your mind, body, and spirit. This programme provides the unwavering support and tools necessary to conquer both inner and outer challenges, allowing you to step confidently into your best life.

It’s time to elevate to your full potential. Are you ready?


1:1 Bali Based 10-Day Intensive

Men's container

Group Programme

Stepping into this men’s container is an expedition where we explore every facet of our being collectively as men. Together, we’ll navigate the landscapes of life, highlighting what no longer serves you while nurturing the elements that drive you toward a life of fulfilment.

This is zero bullshit, raw, authentic, and demanding work. Openness within the group is our strength. Share, and receive back twofold. It’s a brave space to jump into our depths, which is the only way to uncover limitless possibilities.

Self-discovery isn’t always a clear path. Sometimes, there’s a silent ache, an elusive discomfort that lingers. You know that feeling, right?

With my integrated approach—coaching, breathwork, and somatic therapy—we unravel these concealed sources of unease. These somatic practices grant access to deeper consciousness, silencing the mental chatter.

Together, these methods mend invisible wounds, uniting our minds, bodies, and spirits. This container extends via group support and life-long tools, enabling you to navigate through and past the inner and outer challenges..

It’s time to rise. Are you prepared?”

deep release breathwork

A powerful one-off transformational healing session

The deep release is an intensive immersion lasting up to three hours, strategically designed to uncover, explore, and remove the blockages stored in the mind and body that are preventing the  progress you’ve been seeking.

This process integrates healing modalities such as Breathwork, Somatic Experiencing, Reiki, and coaching, synergistically delivering a truly transformative experience.

Designed for those who sense the presence of blockages but find it challenging to identify them, this session also provides a unique opportunity to witness my methodology in action.

It aims not only to unearth and address barriers but also to foster a profound connection with both your body and higher self. It’s a purposeful journey toward unlocking your potential and overcoming the obstacles that have held you back.


A weekly note about how I navigate life’s inevitable bullshit as a man… and how you can too.